How much is spent on maintaining roads every year, and who pays for it?

The Town follows a 7-year plan Capital Improvement Plan, which includes an annual program for road maintenance. Each year, roads are prioritized to maximize the benefit of routine maintenance, and also a portion of roads in the worst condition are brought up to standard. Over the past few years the overall average condition of roads has improved according to standard measures. The Town spends between $3 to 4 million every year on road-related maintenance and rehabilitation.

Road maintenance is funded by a combination of General Fund revenues, gas taxes and other regional transportation revenues. Town voters approved Measure D in 2013 which increased local sales taxes by ½ cent per dollar of taxable sales; in the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019 this tax generated about $900,000 in revenue.

Measure D is a “general tax” and may be used for any purpose. Its stated intent is to increase maintenance of roads and other capital facilities. The Town’s Capital Program Monitoring Committee (CPMC) annually reviews and affirms the expenditure of Measure D funds for their intended purpose. A description of road funds and other capital maintenance can be found in the report from the Dept. of Public Works to the CPMC.

Measure D expires in 2024. To extend the tax will require Council action and approval by a majority of voters.

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