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Robson-Harrington Park


  1. Benches
  2. Picnic Areas
  3. Tables
  4. Water

Robson-Harrington Park & House are located at 237 Crescent Road, two blocks from the downtown area.

To reserve the indoor facility or a picnic area, please contact the Recreation Department Facilities Rental Coordinator: 415-497-8848 or

The Robson House grounds are home to the Town’s Community Garden. Approximately 30 small garden plots are worked by members of the community. For more information on the Community Garden, please contact the Recreation Department:

Not many towns can claim a turn of the 20th century mansion among their park experiences. Robson-Harrington Park has extensive grounds to wander and picnic in as well as an unparalleled indoor facility for event and meeting rentals. The community gardens are another benefit of the park.

The house and grounds were originally the home of lumber and shipping magnate Edwin K. Wood and his wife Marian. The property was purchased in 1923 from the Wood estate by Geraldine and Kernan Robson. The Robsons developed the gardens, building the walls of the estate using bricks salvaged from old houses in the course of Mr. Robson’s real estate business. In 1968, the Town of San Anselmo accepted the Robson’s bequest of the property. Under the terms of the bequest, the property is called Robson-Harrington Park in memory of Kernan Robson’s parents. View a complete history of the property click here .