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Youth Commissioner Application 2023

  1. YOUTH COMMISSIONER APPLICATION for July 1, 2023- June 1, 2024 (Application Deadline = March 31, 2023)

  2. Please select which Committee you are applying for:

  3. Please list one or two organized activities that you have participated in:

  4. Name and phone numbers of up to three adults who can be contacted for referral information (example: teacher, employer, coach, neighbor...):

  5. I would be able to attend monthly (or quarterly) meetings of this Committee/Commission:*

  6. I would be able to serve for a period of one year:*

  7. I am familiar with the responsibilities & functions of this Committee/Commission:*

  8. I understand that I and all other applicants will be personally interviewed by the Committee/Commission as part of the selection process for this appointment. I also understand that my application material will be a public document (email address will be redacted), and available on the Town's website. Sensitive materials that you don't wish to be posted on the website should not be included with the application.**

  9. Thank you for your interest in serving the Town of San Anselmo and its citizens. For further information, please contact the Town Clerk, at 415-258-4660 or
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